Over Four Decades Of Experience In Criminal Cases

Over Four Decades Of Experience In Criminal Cases

Representing People Facing Criminal Charges In Southside Virginia

Two things are true about every criminal case, whether it involves accusations of theft, driving under the influence, possession or distribution of drugs, or even murder:

  1. Being arrested and charged with a crime can be devastating for a criminal defendant and his or her family.
  2. Every case must be prepared for the possibility that it will go to trial.

I am attorney R. Clinton Clary, Jr. From my offices in Lawrenceville, I represent defendants throughout the commonwealth who face criminal charges. I spent my first years as a lawyer working as a prosecutor and have firsthand experience of how the government prosecutes criminal cases. For more than 40 years, I have worked in private practice to give my clients facing fines, jail time and a criminal record the aggressive legal help they need.

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No Case Is Too Small. No Case Is Too Big.

I work with my clients directly at every stage of their cases. I believe that when someone is facing criminal charges, they deserve full access to their attorney, and when I accept a case, I strive to provide that.

I represent defendants accused of all crimes in Virginia, including:

Do you have traffic violations in Virginia? Learn more about how I can help you keep traffic convictions from turning into a problem for your driving record, your insurance rates and your wallet. I also help people from other states who were ticketed in Virginia.

While I work to resolve charges as quickly as possible, I never do so in a way that will compromise a client’s position. While many cases will be resolved through plea bargain, I take the time to thoroughly develop every case, using my decades of experience and understanding of Virginia courts to give my clients the best opportunity to avoid or minimize jail time, fines, asset forfeiture and the many other consequences that a criminal conviction can bring.

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