La Crosse Virginia Traffic Attorney

If you have passed through the community of La Crosse Virginia on Route 58, chances are you have seen a vehicle pulled over for reckless driving or speeding. Even though the stretch of 58 through La Crosse is only about one mile, La Crosse is notorious for the number of speeding and reckless driving citations issued. Speeding and reckless driving both carry harsh consequences in Virginia. DMV demerit points, stiff fines, increased insurance premiums, and loss of operator's privileges are possibilities. In addition, reckless driving is classified as a CRIMINAL offense in Virginia, and potential consequences are even greater. Employment consequences, security clearance issues, and even jail time are additional consequences of a reckless driving conviction in La Crosse Virginia.

Before you decide to pre-pay a traffic ticket in La Crosse Virginia; contact a reputable local attorney to discuss your options.

I am R. Clinton Clary, Jr., a native of Southside Virginia, and I have over 30 years experience defending traffic and criminal cases in the La Crosse Virginia area. I offer free consultations in all traffic matters, and will gladly discuss your options with you if you or a loved one has been charged with a traffic offense in LaCrosse Virginia or anywhere in the Southside Virginia area. Feel free to contact me at (434) 848-3632 or email me today. Remember, the consequences of even a simple speeding case in Virginia can be serious. I will gladly help you assess your or your loved one's best course of action.